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Have you every been married before?

After your divorce, did you say to yourself...I don't know. I don't know if I can love again.

Have you found dating to be a challenge?

How about trusting again?

I get it. "Putting yourself out there" can feel like climbing Mt. Everest...impossible.

But that's why I'm here.

Wouldn't it be nice...

Wouldn't it be nice to attract a man that likes you for you.  

Wouldn't it be nice to love your self again the way you truly should.

Wouldn't it be nice to join a community of love filled with other Professional Successful Drive Women who have been through EXACTLY what you have been through?

Join Us.
"Every moment is a chance to change your love life."
The Success in Love Summit
May 17th & 18th
No more trying to figure out what went wrong with the last guy you were dating or wondering where on God's green earth are all the good men hiding. It doesn't have to be that hard and besides there is someone out there just for you. The question is... would you truly be ready if he showed up in your life tomorrow?  Would you be able to keep the relationship going or sabotage it .... Keep reading. 
At the Success in Love Summit, you'll spend 2 days in paradise, transforming your life with one of the most highly sought after Love Coaches in the world, acclaimed for her ability to inspire, instill confidence, and create life- changing results with clients.

It's the “Success in Love Summit.”  We are going to answer all those questions that keep you up at night about your past relationships or even the current one driving you crazy right now.  Girl, I want you to bring all your questions so we can put them to rest and give you a clean slate.  This is going to be an experience of a lifetime, I promise you that you have never experienced anything like this summit.

By the time we are done being together, you would have laughed, maybe even cried but most importantly you're going to break the "bad relationship, no good guy" spell and walk away an entirely new woman ready to attract and receive the kind of love that you really truly deserve.  Now I can't give you my secret sauce, you'll have to show up to discover how but let's just say, I have helped some other women through a similar experience that ended up getting engaged, being in the most amazing relationship of their lives and I've also recieved wedding invitations from past clients and who is to say that you won't be the next one.  

But you'll never know, if you don't apply. Oh yeah, did I mention how much FUN we are going to have.  It's going to be off....the chain.  You've got to be there. 
Declare 2019 your year to officially have your Boaz find you.
Here's how:
The Journey To REAL Love (Queue the Music)
  •  Enter Your Info Below for the Success in Love Summit.
  •  Pack Fun chic outfits
  •  Be Ready to Focus on You. 
Girl, there is nothing wrong with you. 
Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

  •  Where in the world are all the good men?
  •   I know I said that I would never date a guy like this, but...
  •  Is it even realistic to think that I can manage a healthy and successful relationship with my busy career?
  •   I'm really starting to think that I am not cut out for a relationship
  •  I'm not sure I can let someone "in" again
  •  He's going to have to earn my trust
  •  I don't want to waste my time
Learn how to:
  •  Tell if its a real love connection or just a temporary hookup
  •  Stop letting your ex live rent free in your head!
  •  Have someone worth getting off the couch for. Attract the type of love that won't hurt your bottom line but help it!
  •  Tell if he is dateable
  •  What your relationship patterns are
  •  How to honor yourself in the dating process
  •  Clarity on choosing the right man
Topics Include:
  •  Reality Check: Which World Are you Living In?
  •  Rediscover Your Confidence
  •  Revitalize your Love Life
  •  Rewrite Your Love Story
  •  Reboot!
  • Friday May 17th, 2019: 10a-5pm
  •  Saturday May 18th, 2019: 10a-4pm
So, it doesn’t get any easier than this! This is about spending 3 days to change your life forever!
This is Momentum at it’s finest – get into STATE at this event.
This is the epitome of  love development training.
We are pleased to be of assistance, so if you have any questions, comments or would like to inquire about reserving your place, fill out your details below.
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    May 17th-18th Fort Lauderdale, FL 2019
    Coach Cass is America's Go To Love Doctor. 

    For the past 14 years, she has coached women to help them get the lives of their dreams.

    Coach Cass sets stages aflame as an in-demand speaker and as a TedX presenter. Her voice has graced the airwaves weekly as the Relationship Expert on the # 1 Radio Show in South Florida , and she's also been given her own television show. Coach Cass has been chronicled and featured by Woman's Day, Fast Company, and Black Enterprise to name a few. You can often find her relaxing on the beaches of the world with her husband Andy and daughter, Ava, jamming to reggae vibes.

    Life is but a vapor. Too many people get caught up in the day to day " to-dos" and "to- don'ts". How often do you step away from your demanding and busy life to take a look at the love area in your life?

    The Success in Love Summit is the chance to step away to refresh, reconnect with you and other fabulous women like you to enhance the love in your life.

    Happening only once in 2019. Coach Cass reserves this experience for elite women who are committed to living an extraordinary life starting with love. Away for packed seminar rooms, this is an intimate event created to make a shift in your love life.

    This is the ultimate gift you can give yourself. If you know there's another level for you and you want the tools to get there, we invite you to this life-changing experience.
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